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Raffle is the world’s first blockchain-based online raffle platform on Binance Chain network. A fully decentralized platform where anyone can post products to be raffled to others that choose to be part of such raffle.


People is bored of selling their stuff conventionally. So, what do we offer? An alternative for such conventional selling of products. Anyone that whishes to sell a product, instead of conventionally selling it, it raffles it. Our mission is to offer the platform for the raffles to take place, expanding the target audience through the collaborative participation of users. The users that wish to be part of the raffle, shall pay for the ticket entry, that will be determined by the owner of the product that’s being raffled with base of the total amount of available tickets.


Our vision is to be recognized internationally as the number one platform in the sale of products through raffles. We are tired of fake raffles through social media. We aim to offer the one and only decentralized platform for legit raffles.


We found out that people who want to sell products in order to finance themselves, face the big issue of the lack of an alternative to conventional selling, that can give them a greater value for their product than that the market price for any given product.

We also detected the need of people who don’t have enough resources to buy high-value goods by paying for the market price of any given product.

This is when we asked ourselves, why not raffle products where the financing is collective and then through a raffle a winner is obtained and gets the product?

Raffle emerged to solve this problem!

The owner of the product can set the cap of the raffle as high as he believes possible. If it’s too high then people won’t participate, of course. And the people who want to buy any given product, will be part of the raffle by paying a ticket price that’s much lower than the market price of the product. The winner of the raffle takes the product home!


Raffle is a platform which is being developed that will allow any person to raffle their products and obtain a greater profit with respect to traditional sales channels. On the other hand, it will allow users to participate in a giveaway of amazing products by paying a low priced ticket.

$RAFF total supply is: 1,000,000 Tokens

Such total supply will be distributed as follows:

  • 20% Private pre-sale: Lock until 19.6.22
  • 4.5 % Team: Lock until 31.9.22
  • 3.5% Marketing: Lock until 20.10.21
  • 50% Will be added as liquidity in decentralized exchanges for the fair launch
  • 22% Burn

The private sale presale already took place for a selected group of whitelisted people, successfully rising 200 BNB which will be seeded as liquidity for the fair launch.

Stake $RAFF just by holding it!
RAFF’s smart contract is set to charge a fee for every transaction made. This means that, for every purchase or sale of the token, 8% of the total amount of the transaction is allocated as follows: (i) 5% to be locked in the liquidity pool up to 2035 and (ii) to be distributed between all RAFF’s holders.

So, YES!, you earn more RAFF just by holding RAFF.

Raffle investments will give away a brand new iPhone 12 64 GB factory unlocked among the first 100 wallets buying RAFF on the fair Launch. Such wallets will receive a ticket to participate in the raffle for every 0.50 BNB bought.


  1. Raffle registration

The user enters the raffle in Raffle’s system. The platform then verifies that the raffle is feasible, the product exists and sets a guarantee that must be provided by the owner of the raffle. This guarantee will allow the users participating in the raffle to be sure that they will get the product if they win. The guarantee will be done in a fully decentralized way, and will be automatically released once the product is shipped. Once all the information is validated, the raffle is registered.

2. Reserve numbers

If the raffle has a minimum number of tickets to be sold in order for it to take place, then once the raffle is registered, then the collection of interested parties begins. The interested users will reserve their tickets to be part of the raffle.

3. Start the sale

Once the minimum number of tickets is reached, the raffle is approved. The sale of numbers is triggered and the confirmation of previously made reservations takes place. Users must send the founds for their tickets at this point and they will receive the amount of tickets they paid for. The owner of the product won’t get any money at this stage.

4. Lottery

The raffle platform sets and carries on with the draw is carried out. This will also be made in a fully decentralized way so there are no risks. The draw finishes with one winner for the raffle. The seller of the product ships the product, the payment to the owner is released once shipping has been confirmed and the winner receives its prize!

It is important to note that: (i) all the costs related to custom clearance of the product and international transportation shall be borne by the winner of the prize, and (ii) all costs related to domestic shipment of the product shall be borne by the original owner.


Joan Ward — Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer


Beth Duncan — Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer


Trey Witsell — Chief Technical Officer


RAFF’s team is also formed by Business Developers and experienced Advisors that along with the Core team are working to make things possible.


TELEGRAM: https://t.me/RaffleInvestments

TWITTER: https://twitter.com/RaffleInvest

REDDIT: https://www.reddit.com/user/RaffleInvestments

GITHUB: https://github.com/RaffleInvestments

MEDIUM: https://raffleinvestments.medium.com/




Raffle is the world’s first blockchain-based online raffle platform on Binance Chain network.

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Raffle Investments

Raffle Investments

Raffle is the world’s first blockchain-based online raffle platform on Binance Chain network.

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